17 digital things we love

The websites, apps and gadgets we can't do without

It’s Valentine's Day and Team Yucca’s gone all mushy with this list: 17 of our most loved, super-useful or coolest websites, mobile apps, devices and online tools:

1. Foodgawker
I love to 'feed my eyes' with the Foodgawker site and app. It allows you to visually browse through recipes from the web by latest, most popular, favourites. The app has a very cool 'shake to randomise' feature which displays recipes in a random order when you shake your phone. (Debi)

2. Cyclemeter
I heart the Spotify - Cyclemeter cocktail (see below for more on Spotify).

Go out riding with both of these awesome apps enabled and have your favourite music played along with a running commentary of your biking performance via a voice over of your choosing.
Complete your ride and the route is saved. 

iPhone 4GS owners can take advantage of the Bluetooth 4.0 support and can have their heart rate plotted on the route as well. 

To me this is the epitome of where digital is going, it's mobile, it can be collaborative (the playlist could be a shared one for example) and the Cyclemeter app will transmit to my social networks if I was that was inclined (I'm not fit enough so wouldn't dare).

It’s a true App love in. (Richie)

3. Spotify
Without a doubt, Spotify is the best thing about the internet (ignoring the abuse it gets when teamed up with the office's musical taste).

I listen to a far greater variety of music than ever before, I buy more music than before and I go to more gigs than before. Unfortunately, my Spotify playlists have been just as (un)successful in impressing the ladies as my TDK mixtapes were in the '90s.... (Ed C)

4. Etsy
A fab shopping site that’s full of interesting bits and bobs – no-one’s knocked it off our top spot yet for quirky, handmade and vintage gifts and the Facebook present suggestion tool is handy (and occasionally hilarious). (Lisa and Jemma)

5. Metronome App 
I have a metronome app for my ipod touch that is just ace - I can do my drum rudiments on the train (looks mental but meh, who cares) (Joel)

6. WhatsApp
Gives you free messaging on iPhone. What’s not to like? (Lisa)

7. Twitter
I'm still quite enthralled with Twitter as I haven't really been on there that long! That's my favourite site at the moment. (Lisa)

It directly connects me with industry people and friends and I learn new things from it every day. (Ingo)

8. Empty Kingdom

I could waste hours looking in awe at the work here. Great inspiration and always leaves me feeling humbled but inspired to do something big. (Jim)

9. Pinterest
Right now, the digital apple of my eye (website, app and plug-in) is Pinterest.

It's an online pinboard where you can organise, share, repin and like pictures from across the web (in addition to uploading your own).

It's full of photos of beautiful and cool things from recipes to fashion to graffiti, and is especially great when you need a bit of design inspiration (or should that be Pinspiration?). I'm currently addicted to pinning loads of photos for my dream kitchen. (Jemma)

10. MADE.com
A site for group buying cool furniture and accessories direct from the manufacturer, so you save money. (Lisa)

11. Wordle

..because I like clouds ..and word clouds (Ingo)

12. Sprout Social
I’m having a fling with this nifty, inexpensive social media management tool that’s better looking than a lot of its competitors – I especially like the very pretty reports. This might turn into a full-blown affair… (Jemma)

13. JSFiddle
Very verrrrry handy for testing javascript. (Joel)

14. SEOMOFO snippet optimiser
It visualises Google search results. Perfect for client reports. (Ingo)

15. LEO Dictionary
The best online translation dictionary (Ingo)

16. Digital format music
Of late many folk are championing vinyl, with BBC Radio 6 - a digital channel - now jumping on the bandwagon. So I’d like to put my hand up and say I love digital formatted music. Be it a downloaded MP3s from Bandcamp or music streamed from Last FM, the digital format has given me access to a huge variety of great new music from all corners of the globe. (Brian)

17. iPhone and iPad
I still love my iphone and ipad. 

I love being able to find the answer to any question at the touch of a button, for example, the annoying song everyone had in their head at a party on Saturday night, everyone was relieved that a quick search on my phone revealed it was indeed a hit by the band ‘Foreigner’. I also like knowing what’s going on in the world, I’ve never been so well informed on the news until I got an iphone and the sky news app.

As for my ipad, I love a good giggle watching funny youtube videos, I particularly like Ninja cat. I also love using it when cooking something new, it works well as a recipe book. (Juliet)

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