Top of the podium is NMA’s 'Site Of The Week'

We’re delighted that NMA has announced Silverstone’s website as their 'Site Of The Week'.

Owner: Silverstone Circuits
Agency: Yucca

Content: 17/25
Usability: 23/25
Branding: 22/25
Monetisation: 24/25
Total: 86/100

"Silverstone racetrack in Northamptonshire is the home of the British Grand Prix. Its website has a crisp, stylish design which captures the excitement of motorsport. There’s plenty of content for the casual visitor with a general interest in motor racing. It’s one of those sites you can go to with a particular purpose but find yourself half an hour later happily browsing.

However, it has missed a trick by not including any audio or video. Monetisation is very strong without being overbearing. You’re offered a chance to buy tickets for this July’s Grand Prix and the motorcycle Moto GP. There’s also a range of corporate entertainment services and merchandising.

In spite of the range of goods, services and events on offer, the site does an effective job of keeping you there and users don’t have much chance to click away. Overall, as might be expected from a site devoted to one of the most competitive and expensive of activities, it performs strongly and delivers on all fronts."

You can read more about the project here.