Staying ahead of disruption

Is innovation at the core of your business?

Marketing has a problem. Once a business is disrupted no amount of marketing spend can lift it back to glory. Even if Jeff Bezos threw Amazon’s wallet at HMV it would likely sound a bum note behind the chirpy everywhere instantness of Spotify and Netflix.

Traditional agencies haven’t had customer experience innovation at their core. Indeed many have taken an HMV esq call to carry on trousering revenue from ‘business as usual’ marketing spending. But now? WPP’s stock market value has dropped by about 25% to £18bn in six months’ (Campaign 11/9/17). “We are stupid. We have to change and we’ll be fine’’ announced Rishad Tobaccowala, Chief Growth Officer at Publicis Groupe.

Back in January we set out to help ambitious clients innovate new customer experiences before their revenue lights flicker from green to red. We’ve built up the strong – additional front and back end technical team members and project management capabilities, additional digital marketing leaders to work alongside our ex. Google digital lead. We’ve brought in a wonderful new Creative Director. But the big shift has been bringing in experienced Customer Experience Consultancy skills to work alongside our technical Systems Thinking leader. It’s definitely been the right thing to do.

Is it working for clients? Absolutely. We’re delivering the capability for a major chain of estate agents to operate both online and in the traditional market. We’re working with two other clients to deliver quick, easy, personalised online in place of clunky call centre based interaction.

Disruption doesn’t always arrive in a wiltingly lovely form as Brunel’s bridge. But partnering with ambitious clients to ensure they are ready to fight their corner is a wonderfully constructive thing.