Strategy and insight

Choices born of clarity & understanding

It’s like a chain reaction. You develop the right strategy and amazing things start happening. You make clear choices in terms of what you want to achieve and why. Suddenly everything works with a seamless continuity. And you’re going in the right direction. However, it can only happen with a planning team that has:

  • Expertise in brand, digital and social
  • The ability to frame your challenges in simple terms
  • The vision to highlight choices and recommend the best way forward
  • The know-how to provide an empirical road map to achieving your goal

Brand vision
& positioning

Be outstanding

Making sure your vision is clear and your brand is positioned to achieve it, is a collaborative process. Key to this is articulating your tone of voice and behaviours.

  • Brand vision to set out your long term ambition
  • Positioning your brand to provide competitive advantage 
  • A consistent brand personality to engage your audiences
  • Employee brand development to engage staff and stakeholders

Category, brand
& audience insight

Always in touch

We start by understanding the key dynamics of your category, brand and target audience. We keep our finger on the pulse of cultural trends by using TGI, Touchpoints, Mintel, Datamonitor, nVision and WARC (to name but a few).

  • Insights about your category and customer
  • Competitive analysis
  • Top-line summaries of emerging category trends and dynamics
  • In-depth analysis of your market and opportunities

audience analysis

Uncovering secrets

Knowing your customers gives you a massive advantage. Yet, the most accurate depiction of a customer is all-too-often ignored. Using our investigative analysis approach, your customer database will be a mine of amazing secrets.

  • Database cleansing to ensure your records are up-to-date and correct; vital for accurate communications and analysis
  • Customer profiling to give you an accurate view of who exactly your customers are
  • RFM (recency, frequency, monetary) analysis to show how valuable your customers are and where you should be focusing your budget

communications planning

Real world thinking

Armed with audience insight and analysis, our planners will map out communication ecosystems, recommending channels that will produce results. Our planners are experts at selecting channels that deliver, whether it’s increasing brand awareness and saleability with sites and social or delivering sales via direct mail and email.

  • Your overall business challenge broken down into clear objectives 
  • Insight-led planning that accounts for how people behave in the real world
  • Integrated thinking born of understanding how people engage with different channels
  • Seamless customer engagement with your consumers, using data to enable joined up online and offline conversations to take place

Objective setting
& evaluation

Test, refine and measure

Setting objectives, testing new ideas, evaluating results and amending strategy in the light of findings is fundamental. By using technology to build a detailed understanding of the full customer journey, we can identify exactly where you can make a difference.

  • Establishing the right KPIs and measures to place against core objectives 
  • Identifying appropriate benchmarks 
  • Mapping specific objectives to different audiences 
  • Goal-setting against each recommended strand of activity
  • ‘Test & learn’ programmes to build an understanding of effective techniques and ideas